Kate offer many types of readings & services=


personel psychic reading~love reading~financial forcasts~horoscope~astrologie~


protection shields*

dream Interpretation*

lovers/spouse returned*

goodluck job/money blessing*

court case/exams/

spiritual cleansing for =


removes all types of witchcraft,obeah,blackmagic,spells 

blocks-out jealous enimies & negitive energie. 


Psychic Advisor & Life Coach

Sister Kate Lee offers hope, answers & direction.

Answers questions~ Reviels past,present,future

Problems in your love life?

Need career insight?

Overwhelmed with confusion & lifes demands?

All problems can be solved!!!!


See what the future holds and avoid misery.


Achive your goals in life-  dont just set them!!

Discover a life path that leeds to love.sucsess,peace of mind,inner streanth.


If you need answers,advice or direction call

now- it just takes one reading to compleatly change your life around!

You to can expiriance a better life-just like so many other men & women have.

Remember with faith all things are possible.


      (316) 218-1414.

avl.for events,partys,wedding showers,privete events.









                                                                         If You'r In Need Of HELP Give Me A Call



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